Buy Motorcycle and have it insured with McDougall’s Motorcycle Insurance

Most people if not everyone in the world has his/her dream motorcycle. It is exciting when you start riding your own motorcycle. Like many other parts in the planet, Ontario has many companies from which you can buy a motorcycle. Some of the companies are licensed while others are not. You should be very careful not to purchase products from unlicensed dealers who might just want to siphon your money without delivering quality services. Alternatively, you may opt to buy your motorcycle by importing it from any other part of the world or buy a used one from a person you know. You should bear in mind that regulations require you to insure your motorcycle before taking it to Ontario’s roads. The tips below elaborate how to buy motorcycle and have it insured with Ontario’s motorcycle insurance.

It is a legal requirement that all riders in Ontario should undergo a rider training course in a recognized driving school after which they are issued with a driving license. This greatly reduces chances of occurrence of accidents. Having your motorcycle insured helps you avoid losses that may arise from theft or accident. Insuring a motorbike is a significant expense. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get a competitive rate as well as the range of coverage. Different companies have different rules and guidelines but the bottom line is that smaller and less expensive bikes are cheaper to insure.


You should always ensure that you get a solid insurance quote prior to settling on the insurance company of your choice. Some people will realize later after purchase that sweet bikes are very expensive to insure or even no company would want to insure it. For instance, motorcycles that are labeled Rebuilt are very expensive and difficult to insure. Those with aftermarket engines and frames are a red flag to Ontario’s insurance companies. Therefore, you need to conduct a research, be well informed of the model you want to buy and look for an insurance broker to explain in detail about the implications of your preferred insurance cover. Do not be afraid to ask any question since it is the insurance broker’s responsibility to explain things clearly to you.


The insurance company and the broker should be trustworthy. You need to have a broker that you are comfortable with and should be there for you whenever you have claims, questions or problems. In Ontario, you legally need to have Accident Benefits, Liability, Direct Compensation Property Damage, and Uninsured Automobile in order to get a motorcycle plate and ride safely.



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