Pity the clown, dressed as a giant peanut, who meets his demise when an elephant attempts to shell him. That premise set the unforgettable scene for the funeral of Chuckles the Clown in the Emmy award-winning episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Prim and proper Mary helplessly fights to contain her laughter during the service; this after chastising her colleagues for their previous uncontrollable laughter and insensitive joke-making. But, as Mary was encouraged to realize, this was what Chuckles would have wanted.

Halifax has it’s own brand of award winning clown humour in Milo “T.” Clown (the “T” stands for “the”).  The clever man behind the clown is Miles Leahy. Miles has been entertaining for over 25 years and has won awards in Canada and abroad, representing Canadian clowns internationally. He brings giggles and guffaws to parties, special events, large corporate events, and  seniors’ houses-  wherever a clown is needed (and that’s everywhere)- and always customizes his act to his audiences. Charitable work has Milo T. Clown performing for the IWK Telethon and Kermesse, the Children’s Wish Foundation, the Red Cross, and other organizations.

An instructor-level balloon artist, Milo offers an extensive array of clown antics: comedy magic, comedy skits, face painting, strolling entertainment, puppets. Then there’s his wildly popular Bubble Thing that produces bubbles up to 3 feet across. Good clean fun!  Milo and his unique Milocycle even made an appearance in the locally filmed movie “The Real Howard Spitz”, starring Kelsey Grammar.

Watch for his bright red clownmobile around town; he’d love for you to give him a wave. To find out more or to book a Milo T. Clown engagement visit And to quote Victor Borge, “laughter is the shortest distance between two people”.  Remember that at your next tense business meeting.

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