So business is booming and you’ve got more money than you know what to do. Tap into the most expensive mobile application in the world, iVIP black, the millionaires’ app. For a mere $999.99, you’ll gain access to premium luxur y goods and services. You know, in case you’re looking for a butler, or a penthouse, or maybe a private island. book a private jet or (better yet) buy one.To gain access to this exclusivity, you need only prove that you are worth at least $1.6 million.

For those of you who are not so monetarily monumental, and might just be looking to catch up on some sleep, iNap@Work might be what you’re are looking for. enjoy a peaceful workplace slumber, and let this nifty app do the work for you. Or at least pretend to.Through the sound of your closed door, passersby will hear random office sounds like mouse clicks, typing, paper crumpling, stapling, and page turning. Depending on the level of busyness that you care to simulate, you can turn up the productivity level. Just don’t forget to program the alarm, or you may risk napping through coffee break.

All joking aside, growth of the mobile application market has been massive. Technology research bigwig Gartner Inc. predicts that in 2013, mobile applications will pass PCs to be the most common web access tools, and Marketsandmarkets. com states that by 2015 it will be a $25 billion dollar per year market.

Locally you can ride this wave by signing your business up for a listing on the Visit halifax mobile application. Close to 2,000 businesses are categorically listed there in a show of strength of all things local, making it a great tool for the app happy traveler. Take advantage and add your free business profile; visit

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