Got a hankering to revisit the childhood wonderment of a homemade snow fort? Willing to pay to  bed down on a block of ice? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to stay in one of several grand ice hotels around the world. You could travel to majestic mountainous or riverside settings in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Romania but there’s no need to voyage so far because North America boasts ice hotels in both Montreal and Quebec City. Romantic, adventurous, and unforgettable.

Wrap your head around this- these icy masterpieces, resplendent with ice furniture and artwork, are newly constructed every winter because they do indeed melt every spring. What an amazing annual feat of craftsmanship and artistic vision!

An ice hotel is generally part of a larger snow village complete with ice restaurant, ice bar, and even an ice chapel for a totally unique wedding experience. The debut year for the Montreal Snow Village had a Montreal city theme, but next year they plan to take on a New York City vibe. And you needn’t stay the night to visit.

How cold is it? Not as cold as you would think. The insulating properties of the structure keep the ambient temperature between -2 to -5°C. For the outdoor enthusiast, it’s a novel winter vacation. In Montreal, you can spend the night in a prestige room, a standard room or an igloo. Quebec City’s Hotel de Glace has a premium deluxe suite with a fireplace and private spa. Wherever you choose  to indulge your icy whims, a well-insulated sleeping bag is guaranteed to top a deerskin or mattress, on a bed carved from ice. You toes will stay toasty.

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